Wedding Table and Linen Rentals

Lock in Wedding Table Rentals at the Best Price

We asked hundreds of recent brides and grooms about the goals of their wedding. While the answers were as unique as their weddings, we dicovered that everyone wanted to put their money into something other than table and chair rentals.

Whether it was the photographer, dress or location, each person we asked could think of at least six or seven other things they would rather spend their money on.

We don’t blame you. That is why we have structured Red Carpet Rentals in such a way to provide excellent quality wedding tables and chairs at the best price. We don’t have a showroom, so you can put your wedding budget toward the photographer you like.

We’ve decreased our costs by limiting our table selection, so you can justify spending more money on that dress you look fabulous in.

Provide Your Guests with Sturdy and First-Rate Tables

We will provide you with stable and high quality tables for your wedding. We only carry tables that are fit for a wedding. They are clean, classy and don’t wobble. We specialize in weddings so that they stay that way. The last thing you want are tables and chairs that look like they’ve gone through World War II or a 10 year old boy’s birthday party. Somtimes we’re not sure which is worse.

Rent Wedding Chairs With Your Tables

In addition to renting wedding tables, you can also get wedding chair rentals from us as well.

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